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Tethon 3D Genesis® Resin: Revolutionizing 3D Printing Across Industries
Genesis Resin

Experience the forefront of 3D printing innovation with Tethon 3D’s Genesis® Resin, a groundbreaking photopolymer development base. This exceptional formulation serves as the catalyst for creating bespoke UV-curing resin materials, fostering experimentation and advancement in the dynamic realm of 3D printing.

Key Features:
Versatile Development Resin: Genesis® is the canvas for your photopolymer resin research, offering unparalleled possibilities for formulating customized 3D printing materials.

Powder Integration: Beyond standard resins, Genesis® seamlessly combines with solid powders, facilitating the creation of unique and pioneering 3D print resins. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for researchers and developers pushing the boundaries of material science.

Cross-Industry Applications: Genesis® finds its place across diverse sectors, including automotive, dentistry, jewelry, biotech, and crucially in defense and aerospace. Its versatility meets the stringent demands of these high-performance industries, unlocking new avenues for innovation.

General Tips for Experimentation:
Guideline Flexibility: Genesis® is intentionally designed for experimental use, encouraging users to push the boundaries. Experimentation beyond the guidelines is not only welcomed but encouraged.

Solid Powder Integration: Exercise judgment when incorporating your own solid powders. Tethon 3D provides a blank canvas for creativity, allowing you to tailor the resin to your specific needs.

Testing and Familiarization: Conduct small-scale tests before diving into larger projects. Familiarize yourself with Genesis® characteristics and printing nuances before using wiper bars.

Post-Print Curing: Achieve optimal results by curing printed objects in a UV box for a minimum of one hour. Adjust printer settings for subsequent burning and curing processes.

Sample Firing Schedule:
0 – 500°F: Increase by 250°F per hour
500 – 900°F: Increase by 25°F per hour, hold for one hour
900 – 2300°F: Increase by 250°F per hour
Elevate Your Defense and Aerospace Endeavors
Genesis® Resin is not just a material; it’s a gateway to reshaping the future of 3D printing. With applications spanning from intricate jewelry designs to the demanding standards of defense and aerospace, Tethon 3D’s Genesis® Resin empowers you to pioneer the next frontier in additive manufacturing.

  • Weight
  • 3 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 4 × 4 × 8 in