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Many 3d printing self help videos can be found on the Tethon 3D YouTube channel.

Bison 1000

How do I set up my Bison 1000?

Will the Bison 100 accept third party resins?

Yes, the Bison 1000 is an open printer system. You may use third party or your own custom formulated resins.

How long is my warranty?

The Bison 1000 warranty is one year under normal working conditions.

How fast does the Bison 1000 print?

The speed of printing is dependent upon which resin is used and the layer thickness setting chosen.

How do I update the Bison firmware?

Download the .zip folder from the Firmware Update page.

Unzip it. Copy and paste entire TETHON folder itself (not just it’s contents) onto an empty thumbdrive.
Plug into Bison 1000 printer.
Go into manager mode then back out.
Go to Setup and press USB Update.
The Bison 1000 with restart itself and the firmware will be updated.

How do I update my Tethonware software?

Download the Tethonware update .zip file

UV Resins

What printers work with your Universal Resins?

In general, most 3d printers using a UV wavelength between 350 and 405 nM will be compatible with Tethon’s universal resins. BISON resins are not compatible with printers other than the Bison 1000. See 3d printer compatibility chart here.

What safety precautions are needed when working with your resins?

When using 3d printing resins, wear gloves and sleeve covers to avoid contact with your skin. Also avoid buildup and inhalation of fumes.

Always read the safety data sheet for every material you work with.  Evaluate each material individually. Each person has their own unique response to chemicals.

What equipment do I need to sinter your material?

Most ceramic and metal materials require a heating step in a sintering oven (or kiln). Check the specific sintering temperature for your material here. Select the appropriate oven for your material. A computer programmable electric oven is recommended. Exhaust venting is required.

What is the shelf life of your resin materials?

Tethon 3D resins have a shelf life of one year.

Binder Jetting Powders

What printers do you powders and binder work on?

Our powders work on most binder jetting printers, such as Z Corp 310/510/810, 3D Systems ProJet series, MicroJet ComeTrue, and ExOne.


How do I become a reseller?

Tethon 3D welcomes global resellers. Please contract Trent here.


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