Custom materials

Custom Materials Development Services

For UV curable resins and binder-jetting powders

Unlock Innovation with Tethon 3D: Your Partner in Custom 3D Printing Materials
Are you on the hunt for cutting-edge 3D printing materials to bring your innovative ideas to life? Look no further! Collaborate with Tethon 3D, a leading expert in the field, to develop your next novel 3D printing material.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs
Tethon 3D specializes in contracted service R&D projects, offering you the opportunity to create custom materials that align perfectly with your project requirements. Whether you are in need of specialty ceramic materials for your SBIR/STTR project or exploring possibilities for various additive manufacturing platforms, Tethon 3D has you covered.

Why Choose Tethon 3D?
1. Expert Material Scientists
Enlist the expertise of Tethon 3D’s material scientists who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality through precise material development.

2. Feasibility Testing Made Easy
Kickstart your collaboration with a small feasibility test project – a seamless process accomplished in just one day after receiving the required raw materials. This allows you to gauge the potential of your custom material at minimal expense.

3. Proudly Based in the United States
Choose Tethon 3D with confidence, knowing that our operations are proudly based in the United States. Benefit from our commitment to quality, innovation, and timely delivery.

Our Expertise Extends to Various Platforms
Explore custom materials for multiple additive manufacturing platforms:

– UV Curable Resins
Ideal for SLA, DLP, or other UV digital light 3D printers. Tethon 3D crafts UV curable resins that deliver exceptional precision and performance, ensuring your 3D prints meet the highest standards.

– Powder and Binder
Perfect for binder jetting 3D printers, our powder and binder solutions open up new possibilities for your additive manufacturing projects. Count on us to provide materials that meet the demands of your unique applications.

Start Your Journey with Tethon 3D
Ready to take the first step toward innovation? Contact to discuss your needs and initiate a collaboration that could redefine the possibilities of 3D printing materials. Let Tethon 3D be your trusted partner in material development, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of additive manufacturing.

Case Study

Tethon 3D is proud of the diversity of collaborative projects that we have pursued with leading corporations, government entities and academic researchers to explore and expand the use of additive manufacturing.  We passionately tackle difficult challenges with an experienced team who are breaking the current boundaries of 3d printing.