Custom materials

Custom Materials Development Services

For UV curable resins and binder-jetting powders

Collaborate with Tethon 3D to develop your next novel 3d printing material.

Tethon 3D accepts contracted service R&D projects to develop a variety of custom materials.  Please contact to discuss your needs.  A small feasibility test project is the first step.  This can be accomplished in one day after receipt of the required raw materials.

UV Curable Resins – for SLA, DLP or other UV digital light 3d printers

Powder and Binder – for binder jetting 3d printers

Case Study

Tethon 3D is proud of the diversity of collaborative projects that we have pursued with leading corporations, government entities and academic researchers to explore and expand the use of additive manufacturing.  We passionately tackle difficult challenges with an experienced team who are breaking the current boundaries of 3d printing.