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Tethon 3D High Load Genesis® Resin: Elevate Your 3D Printing Potential
High Load Genesis Resin

Introducing Tethon 3D’s High Load Genesis® Resin – a leap forward in 3D printing materials. This advanced photopolymer development base not only encompasses the groundbreaking features of our standard Genesis® Resin but takes innovation to the next level with an impressive 15% higher loading capacity.

Key Features:
Enhanced Loading Capacity: High Load Genesis® boasts a remarkable 15% higher loading capacity than standard Genesis®, providing unparalleled versatility for your 3D printing projects.

Versatile Development Resin: Just like its predecessor, High Load Genesis® serves as a canvas for your photopolymer resin research, offering limitless possibilities for customizing UV-curing resin materials.

Powder Integration Excellence: High Load Genesis® seamlessly combines with solid powders, allowing you to create unique and pioneering 3D print resins with increased loading capabilities.

Cross-Industry Applications: From automotive and dentistry to jewelry and biotech, High Load Genesis® extends its reach to defense and aerospace. Its elevated loading capacity makes it an ideal choice for high-performance applications in demanding industries.

General Tips for Experimentation:
Guideline Flexibility: High Load Genesis® is designed for experimentation, encouraging users to explore beyond the guidelines and unlock new possibilities.

Solid Powder Integration: Exercise judgment when incorporating your own solid powders, leveraging the higher loading capacity to achieve even more impressive results.

Testing and Familiarization: Conduct small-scale tests to familiarize yourself with High Load Genesis® characteristics before embarking on larger projects.

Optimized Post-Print Curing: With increased loading capacity, fine-tune your post-print curing process for optimal results, ensuring robust and durable printed objects.

Sample Firing Schedule:
0 – 500°F: Increase by 250°F per hour
500 – 900°F: Increase by 25°F per hour, hold for one hour
900 – 2300°F: Increase by 250°F per hour
Redefine Limits, Redefine Possibilities
High Load Genesis® Resin isn’t just an evolution; it’s a revolution in 3D printing. Elevate your projects, from intricate designs to high-performance aerospace components, with Tethon 3D’s High Load Genesis® Resin – where higher loading meets unlimited potential.

Which Genesis Base Resin is Right for You?

  • Weight
  • 3 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 4 × 4 × 8 in