Zircolite 1 Liter


Introducing Zircolite: Precision in 3D Printing for Industries Demanding Excellence

Unlock a new realm of possibilities in DLP printing with Zircolite, a premium 3 mol% Yttria-stabilized Zirconia photopolymer resin meticulously engineered for superior performance. Perfect for a variety of industries, Zircolite sets the standard for precision and versatility, offering outstanding results with every print.

Key Features:

Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia: Zircolite boasts a robust composition with 3 mol% Yttria-stabilized Zirconia, providing exceptional stability, strength, and resistance to wear and corrosion. This makes it an ideal choice for industries requiring high-performance materials.

DLP Compatibility: Tailored for compatibility with 385-405 nm DLP printers, Zircolite ensures seamless integration into your existing workflow. Achieve unparalleled detail and accuracy in your 3D prints, meeting the demands of even the most intricate designs.

Customizable for Wavelengths: Zircolite goes beyond the standard by offering adaptability to lower or higher wavelengths, providing flexibility to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Enjoy the freedom to fine-tune the resin according to your printer’s specifications.

1 Liter Bottles: Zircolite is available in convenient 1-liter bottles, ensuring a steady supply for your printing needs. Experience efficiency and ease of use with our thoughtfully packaged resin, designed to enhance your printing experience.

Industries Benefiting from Zircolite:

Dental: Zircolite is an excellent choice for dental applications, including the production of crowns, bridges, and prosthetics, thanks to its biocompatibility and remarkable precision.

Aerospace: Achieve lightweight yet durable components for aerospace applications with Zircolite, meeting the stringent requirements of the industry.

Medical Devices: Create intricate and reliable components for medical devices, taking advantage of Zircolite’s stability and biocompatibility.

Engineering Prototypes: Zircolite is perfect for producing high-quality engineering prototypes, enabling engineers to iterate and refine designs with confidence.

Elevate your 3D printing projects with Zircolite and experience the next level of precision, strength, and adaptability. Trust in a resin that meets the demands of diverse industries, setting new standards for excellence in additive manufacturing. Order your 1-liter bottle of Zircolite today and redefine what’s possible in your 3D printing endeavors.

  • Weight
  • 6 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 4 × 4 × 8 in