Bison 1000 DLP Printer


Unleash unparalleled precision with the Bison 1000 DLP Printer – a desktop marvel priced at $19,950.00, meticulously designed for Tethon 3D’s advanced resins and viscous 3rd party materials. Elevate your 3D printing capabilities.

Unmatched Features:
Precision Redefined:
The Bison 1000 sets a new standard in precision engineering. Capture intricate details with unparalleled accuracy, meeting the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense applications.

Seamless Compatibility, Open Material Settings:
Crafted for Tethon 3D Bison materials, the printer offers seamless compatibility and open material settings, providing flexibility for experimentation and customization. Tailor your printing experience to meet your unique demands of aerospace and defense projects.

Under 4-Week Delivery, No Maintenance Fees:
Time is critical, and we understand that. Benefit from our streamlined delivery process – the Bison 1000 at your doorstep in just 4 weeks. Additionally, experience cost savings with no maintenance fees. Engineered for reliability, this printer reduces downtime and ensures consistent performance without the burden of ongoing maintenance costs.

Educational Discounts for World Class Researchers:
Inquire about our educational discount pricing by contacting We’re committed to supporting education and providing access to cutting-edge technology for aerospace and defense curriculum.

Why Choose the Bison 1000?
Versatility: From intricate prototypes to components for electronics applications, the Bison 1000 caters to diverse needs.

Reliability: Trust in the Bison 1000’s consistent, high-quality results for critical aerospace and defense projects.

Cost-Effective: No maintenance fees mean you can focus on your projects without worrying about hidden costs. Enjoy a cost-effective 3D printing solution that works for you.

Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with the Bison 1000 – precision, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness, all in one. Secure yours today to revolutionize your approach to critical projects. Contact us now to place your order and embrace a future of limitless possibilities.

Bison 1000 Features

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  • Weight
  • 70 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 20 × 20 × 28 in