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Tethon 3D Guest House
Call Karen at (402) 639-2446 for more information, including pricing and scheduling.  Topics covered include 3D modeling, 3D printer setup, use and maintenance, ceramic materials, post-processing steps and finishing options and sintering process.
Workshops are customized to the area of need in any of the following format options:


On Site at Tethon 3D

Half-day workshop

Full day workshop
Residency, 5-20 days, includes housing

3D files may be sent prior to date of workshop for printing and/or glazing day of workshop.
Final objects shipped to participant following workshop if not completed during allotted time.
Customized education allows you to pursue your project at your pace, concentrating on the areas of need to make you fully proficient in ceramic 3D printing.

Off Site at Your Location

Half-day workshop

Full day workshop

For sites that have SLA, DLP or powder-based 3D printers that can be used for the workshop.
You set the number of attendees based on the setting/accommodations.
We provide consultation and instruction for your current projects, including all steps of object creation and production.


Educational Institutions: One hour lecture is free to schools/colleges within 150 miles of Omaha, Nebraska.
For schools/colleges greater than 150 miles from Omaha, Nebraska, fee for travel expenses.
First hour lecture is free. $150/hour for each additional hour.
Commercial Businesses = $150/hour, plus travel expenses.

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