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    Karen Linder

    To start this forum topic, we are introducing the three types of powder manufactured at Tethon 3D: earthenware (terra-cotta), stoneware and porcelain. A compatible binder is also manufactured and all three may be used with ZCorp powder/binder jet printers. Happy to answer any questions!



    Earthenware is a rusty red color. It is also a lower temperature clay. If you would like to print with this material please let us know in your file submission or email us directly.

    Stoneware is a sand buff color. It is the strongest of the Tethonite ceramic powders. We use this as the standard material in our services.

    Porcelain is a pure white. It is more delicate in nature and requires special handling. Please specify if you need your object printed in this material. Not all objects can be made in porcelain.


    Karen Linder

    Tethonite Directions for Use

    1.   Print Object with Tethonite Powder and Tethon Binder. Remove loose powder.

    2.   Dry in conventional oven 1-12 hours (removing more powder as object dries).

    3.   Bisque Fire at Cone 6 (2200F / 1200C).

    4.  Shake well Part A (surface sealant).  Dip object 2 times, let dry.

    Non water tight glazed object:  

    5. Kiln Fire at Cone 06 (1850F / 1000C) .   Glaze and fire at appropriate temperature.

    Watertight glazed object: 
    5. Shake well Part B (slip) Apply 1 coat by dipping or brush.  Dry.   Kiln Fire at Cone 06 (1850F / 1000C) .   Glaze and fire at appropriate temperature.
    Tethonite is suitable for other finish options, including ceramic decals, raku, wood and other firing methods.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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