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Our ceramic clay body shrinks 10% during kiln firing of your 3D printed object. We will automatically scale your 3D design up 10% in size and give you a quote based on the quantity of ceramic powder required to produce that sized object.

File type .stl is the preferred submission format. We will consult with you individually on each design file to achieve the highest level of reproduction accuracy.

Surface details of 1mm width are the minimum limit. Structural weight-bearing design features must be realistic related to the size of the object. Some cantilevered design features must be printed with a support framework. The cost for producing this support will be added to your design quote.

File Upload Form
You may upload your files directly to us if they are under 100 MB. If they are over 100 MB please upload to DropBox or a similar service and copy/paste the URL into this form so that we can download them.
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